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Log into Real Device Cloud

  1. Once you log in, click Access Real Device Automation.

  2. To create the project, select New App.
  3. Choose what type of App project to create.


Uploading an Application

When you create a project, you provide information about either the website or application you want to test, and the device settings you want to use in your tests. Once you've created a project you can run manual or automated tests using the project information, and also create versions of the project to reflect changes in the application or website through your development process. 

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Select whether you want to create an Android/iOS application project, a mobile website test project or apps that are distributed with for example App Center. More information about the App Center Integration can be found here.

  3. For an application project, browse to the file containing your application, and upload it. 

    For an example application (iOS & Android), download it from this page

  4. Add your application name and version, click Save.

  5. Edit the Device Settings as needed, click Save.

Accessing Setup Instructions (Appium test automation framework)

  1. At the Application Page, select AUTOMATED TESTING > Appium.

  2. Click Setup Instructions.

  3. Once you have an App project created, the Setup Instructions will go over the 3 changes you will need in your scripts:
    • API key as desired capability

    • Data Center URL to be used as your WebDriver Hub url

    • Choosing device either based on static ID, or based on dynamic device criteria via WebDriver desired capabilities (i.e. any Android with OS 9, or any iOS tablet, etc)

      To read more about Dynamic vs Static Device Allocation, please refer to our documentation.

Next Steps

  • Configuring your Automated Test
  • Verifying the Results in Sauce Labs