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Welcome to the documentation wiki for Sauce Labs! Here you can learn everything you need to know about manual and automated cross-browser and mobile application testing with Selenium and Appium in the Sauce Labs browser cloud!

Logging in to Sauce Labs

Are you looking for the login link for, or you need to reset a Sauce Labs password? You need to go to if you want to login, and if you need to reset your password, use the Forgot? link in the password field. The Login link in the upper-right corner of this page is only for Sauce Labs employees to log into our wiki, and requests for password resets sent through this link will forward to our wiki administrator, rather than our password reset system.

More Information

  • Check out the Support KB for answers to community questions and helpful articles, or if you need to file a support ticket
  • The Sauce Labs blog includes information and discussion about automated Selenium and Appium testing, and announcements of events, new features, and happenings at Sauce Labs



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  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

    Where can I get an overview of available documentation?

    1. Under PDFs on this page you can get a PDF version of the full documentation, though there may be some minor incremental changes between it and the wiki content since the last time the PDF was generated.

  3. Anonymous

    how can I set the browser's window size/resolution for selenium tests?

    1. You can use SetWindowSize. Here's an example from StackOverflow using Python:…

      For more information you should consult the Selenium documentation at SeleniumHQ:

  4. Anonymous

    How do I upload a .apk for sauce storage and how do I trigger a appium android emulator app testing?

  5. Anonymous

    The platform configurator sends to a dead link, cannot view the link about the .apk upload...

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