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If your mobile app requires a biometric authentication (see security notice), either Touch ID or Face ID, you can chose two authentication options in a live session by using the Biometric Authentication Tool in the toolbar during live session.

This Live Testing feature is only supported on the Sauce Labs Platform (, not the Legacy Real Device Cloud (

Once you have initiated a Touch ID/ Face ID action in your live session, you can click on Biometric Authentication button in the toolbar and select a response. 

When you select pass, the biometric authentication will have been successful. 

When you select fail, the biometric authentication will fail. 

Please notice:

  • This feature is compatible only with iOS Devices. We are working to support Android's Fingerprint soon.

Security Notice:

  • The implementation of Touch/FaceID in this application supports the user’s biometrics based on the insecure store of the device. It is not using the keystore which normally should be used when implementing Touch/FaceID and secure login. The reason for this is that Sauce Labs is not mocking the keystore on a real device for supporting Touch/FaceID due to security reasons
  • Testing Touch/FaceID which is using the keystore on our real devices is not supported.