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Today Sauce Labs is announcing a beta version of our new Slack Integration. Once installed, Sauce Labs users will be able to see important information about the test in the context of their conversations without the need to leave the chat window. Sauce Labs customers simply have to include the URL of the test they ran on Sauce, and our plugin will quickly present all of the associated metadata and links to all of the assets. Additionally, along with seeing general information, users will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Share video and screenshots with non-sauce labs account holders
  • See the status of test, error messages and quickly access the builds page
Installation Instructions

  • Invite plugin (@saucelabs) to your desired channel  



Tell us what you think

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Every little bit helps! Please reach out at

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  1. Anonymous

    It would be great if this worked for build stats. It would count the number of jobs with number of pass/fail/timeout counts. 

    1. We were thinking about that yesterday actually. We just started to plan out this feature. No ETA yet, but is planned.

    2. If you have any additional feature requests please let us know by reaching out to or by publishing a feature request on our aha portal (