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SettingDescriptionKeyValue TypeExample

Browser Name

The name of the browser test against.

browserName string "browserName": "firefox"

Browser Version

The version of the browser you want to use in your test.version string 

"version": "66.0"

Default to Latest Version of Chrome or Firefox

If you want to use the latest stable version of Google Chrome or Firefox that Sauce supports, you can use "version": "latest". You can also use "version": "latest-1" or "version": "latest-2", etc. to request the next most recent versions of a browser. For example, if the latest stable version of Chrome is 73, you can request "latest-2" to use Chrome 71. 

Microsoft Edge versions

Microsoft Edge has two version numbers, the browser application version and the EdgeHTML rendering engine version. For example, the current stable release of Edge as of November 2019 has the browser application version 44.17763 and the EdgeHTML version 18.17763. The Wikipedia page on Microsoft Edge covers this in more detail:
It is the EdgeHTML version that should be specified here, such as "version": "18.17763".


Which operating system the browser should be running on.

platform string "platform": "macOS 10.13"
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