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Sausage includes a number of features that make it easier for Sauce to report on your test results. 

By default, Sauce Labs doesn't know how to display the name of your test. Sausage comes up with a good name (TestClass::testFunction) and reports it with your test so it's easy to find on your dashboard. Similarly, Sauce has no way to know if a particular test passed or failed. Sausage catches any failed assertions and reports the status of the test to Sauce after it's complete. Upon test failure Sausage will generate an authorized link to the failed job report on the Sauce Labs website, to facilitate reporting to people who need to know the details of the test. The job remains private (unless you change the status yourself), but others can follow the link without needing to log in with your credentials. See the topic Building Links to Test Results for more information.

You should also follow our recommended best practice of adding build numbers, tags, and other identifying information to your tests so you can easily find and manage them in your test results and archives pages, and associate tests with build numbers in your continuous integration pipeline.

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