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Appium Version

The version of the Appium driver you want to use. If not specified the test will run against the default Appium version. appiumVersionstringIt's better to specify the latest Appium version, which is the one suggested by the  Platform Configurator, unless you have a reason for testing against some other version.

Device Type

The type of device to emulate. Options are:

  • tablet
  • phone
deviceTypestring"deviceType": "tablet"

Device Orientation

The orientation in which the simulator/device will be rendered. Options are:

  •   portrait
  • landscape .
deviceOrientationstring"deviceOrientation": "portrait"

Automation Engine

The automation engine that will be used. Options are:

  • Appium 
  • UiAutomator2
  • Selendroid

The default is Appium.

automationNamestring"automationName": "UiAutomator2"

Application Package

For Android Only

The Java package of the Android app you want to run.appPackagestring

"appPackage": ","

Automatic Package Detection

Appium automatically determines the package to launch, you only need to use this desired capability if you want to specify a package different than the default one.

Android Activity

For Android Only

The name for the Android activity you want to launch from your package.appActivitystring

"appActivity": ".MainActivity"

Don't Forget the Dot!

This capability needs to be preceded by a . (dot). For example, .MainActivity instead of MainActivity .

Automatic Activity Detection

 Appium automatically determines the activity to launch, you only need to use this desired capability if you want to specify an activity different than the default one.  

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