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Dysfunctional Geographic Domain Configuration

This is a good example of a dysfunctional setup with Sauce Connect. The problem is that the SC host is in the same VPN, and thus the same internal network, as the Site Under Test (SUT), but in geographically separate locations. This  means that requests from Sauce Connect to the SUT need to reach back through the internet to be completed, rather than over the same internal network. An example this network configuration would be an SC Host in Berlin, with the SUT located in a data center in Chicago. This would require a number of network hops, which delays communication with the test virtual machine at Sauce Labs. The way to prevent this is to always place the SC Host in the same geographic domain as the SUT.

Dysfunctional DMZ Site Under Test (SUT) Configuration

Here, the SUT is in a network DMZ or Demilitarised Zone.  It's exposed to the internet but isolated from the internal network.

Diagram Legend
SC HostMachine in your network that the Sauce Connect application is running on.
SUTSite Under Test, the site that you're testing.
Tunnel VM

The virtual machine that hosts Sauce Connect on the Sauce Labs side.