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If you're an organization admin, you can view usage information for your organization and all teams, and if you're a team owner, you can view usage data for your team.

Organization Usage Metrics

Usage data for organizations includes these metrics, which you can view on the Team Management page. Click Download Full Report to see a detailed view of usage data organized by users that includes information such as number of tests run and peak concurrency.

Tests Run by DayThe total number of tests run by that user in the previous 28 days.
Peak VM Concurrency by DayThe highest number of concurrent tests run during a single session on a virtual machine, including Web browser, emulator, and simulator tests, in the previous 28 days.

Accessing Usage Data for Teams and Users

  1. In your user profile menu, select Team Management.
  2. To view team usage information for the organization, select the Teams tab.
    In the list of teams, the Tests column will show you how many tests have been run by that team over the past 30 days.
  3. To view usage information for individual users, select the Users tab.
    You can view the number of tests that each user has run over the past seven days. If you want to download usage data, select the users you want included in the report, and click the download icon just above the table of users.