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If you want to test a native or hybrid mobile application, it must be in a location that is  accessible over the Internet for the Sauce Labs virtual machines to download it. There are two options for where you can upload your app:

Sauce Storage

Sauce Storage provides a convenient, secure location to host your test assets for a limited amount of time while you run your tests. Access to the Sauce Storage location is limited to the users associated with your account. After seven days, any assets in Sauce Storage are deleted, so if you need to test your app again after seven days, you will need to upload it again. 

When you use Sauce Storage, you indicate the path to your application in your test configuration with the app capability, as shown in this example with the application:


Uploading Mobile Applications to Sauce Storage for Testing has complete instructions for using Sauce Storage.

Other Accessible Locations

Other accessible locations could include Dropbox, AWS, or any other file storage service. As with the Sauce Storage location, you need to specify the path to your application with the app capability:


Uploading Mobile Applications to Other Online Locations for Testing has more information about uploading and referencing your app in another location. 

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  1. Anonymous

    You can use the RestApi to validate that files have been successfully uploaded.

    Temporary Storage Methods