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PAGE DEPRECATED: Updated content located here.

Below are resolutions to common errors that you may experience in live web app testing.

See the following sections for more information:

Seeing a Security Error Message (Error #2048)

This error is displayed when the ports used by manual testing relies are being blocked by a firewall on your end. This may also be caused by running applications such as Avast! antivirus software.

If you plan to launch manual tests from locally installed browsers, we recommend checking with your network administrator confirm that you can access the post used by manual

Your Job is Not Loading

There are two common scenarios here:

  • Error message: "Uh oh! Some error occurred while connecting to the browser"
  • The job seems to start, but you see only a white text box in the middle of a black screen

Both errors indicate that your browser is having trouble displaying the VNC stream from the remote machine. Here are some steps to troubleshoot:

Check the Video on Sauce

If the recorded video after the job shows a steady video stream, this indicates that the issue is in your computer or connection to Sauce. However, if the Sauce video shows the same issue, that indicates an issue in our service. In that case, send us the URL for the job page and a screenshot of the issue.

Confirm That Your Browser is Up to Date

If you're on an older version, this may cause incompatibilities. Update your browser and try again.

Check Your Firewall

Make sure that your machine allows full access for the interactive stream over the required ports.

Confirm That Your Internet Connection is Stable

We recommend running Sauce tests from a machine with a wired Ethernet connection, to ensure a steady connection. If the connection flickers, this error could be thrown.

Black Screen / "Plugin Failure" Error

If your test shows a black screen after starting the virtual machine, you may need to reinstall Adobe Flash Player on your machine. This should only occur if you are using Internet Explorer to launch Sauce Manual Testing, which requires this software for our in-browser VNC player to function.

Long Load Times or Timing Out

We've streamlined our service to provide the best possible load times. If you're experiencing slow live testing sessions, head to Sauce Labs Systems Status page and follow us on Twitter (@SauceOps) for the latest updates on service issues and operations.

Links Opening in New Tabs Instead of New Windows

It's possible for the manual testing VNC client to have a modifier key "stuck" down, causing any clicked links to open in new tabs. This happens if the client loses focus while a key is held down (e.g., when using Alt-Tab to switch application windows). In this case, VNC never receives the keyUp event.

To prevent this from happening: every time you focus back on the manual testing window, click in the middle of the page, then press and release all the modifier keys (i.e., Alt, Control, Command, and Shift).