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System requirements vary depending on the number of parallel tests you plan to run.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when running Sauce Connect is your network connection. Running tests in parallel can generate quite a bit of network traffic. When running more than 100 concurrent sessions with Sauce Connect, we recommend bandwidth of 750Mbps or greater. 
  • We also recommend starting to run more than one tunnel when running more than 200 parallel tests. Check out High Availability Sauce Connect Proxy Setup and Using Multiple Sauce Connect Tunnels for more information.
  • For increased reliability and security, use a dedicated server. 
  • Please keep in mind that that these are guidelines. Most environments have their own workload requirements, which can change the requirements for optimal performance. You will want to test and profile your own environment using these guidelines as a starting point. 

Guidelines for System Requirements by Number of Parallel Tests

Parallel TestsMachine TypeMemory


BandwidthRecommended SC Tunnels
0-99EC2 m4.large8GB2450 Mbps1
100-199EC2 m4.xlarge16GB4750 Mbps1
200-399EC2 m4.xlarge16GB4750 Mbps2
400-599EC2 m4.xlarge16GB4750 Mbps3
600-799EC2 m4.xlarge16GB4750 Mbps4
800+EC2 m4.xlarge16GB4750 Mbps6

On Unix-based systems, you may need to increase your open file limit if your parallel test count is high (for example, ulimit -n 8192).

Headless Sauce Connect Proxy: System Requirements Guidelines

Parallel Tests

Machine Type




Recommended SC Tunnels


GCE n1-standard-2 /

EC2 m5.large

500-999GCE n1-standard-2 /

EC2 m5.large

1000-1999GCE n1-standard-2 /

EC2 m5.large

2000+GCE n1-standard-2 /

EC2 m5.large