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PAGE DEPRECATED: Updated content located here.

While we're in the process of integrating our Web interfaces, you can switch between TestObject and Sauce Labs by clicking the Visit TestObject button on Sauce and Back to Sauce Labs on TestObject:

"Visit TestObject" Button in Sauce Labs Interface"Back to Sauce Labs" Button in TestObject Interface

The first time you click the Visit TestObject button from Sauce Labs interface, an account will be created for you automatically within TestObject. After your account is created, you can switch back and forth between the Sauce Labs and TestObject interfaces with a single login to Sauce Labs. 

  • You can only set up the Fast Switch account from within the Sauce Labs interface
  • If you log into TestObject with your TestObject credentials after creating your Fast Switch account, you won't see the Back to Sauce Labs button. The Fast Switch functionality is activated only from the Sauce Labs interface when you click Visit TestObject
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