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Sauce Labs has developed a variety of great resources to help you succeed with web and mobile application testing. Under each of the following sections, you'll find a list of task-based activities and guides to help you learn about our features and services:

Getting Started with Sauce Labs

Get familiar with Sauce LabsSauce Labs Basics
Create an accountSauce Labs Sign-Up
Set up sub-accounts and teams

Managing Team Members and Accounts

Learn how to use Sauce Connect to test private apps
Sauce Connect Proxy
Run a manual test to verify your connection to Sauce LabsLive Web App Testing on Desktop Browsers

Learn about the platforms you can test on

Sauce Labs Supported Platforms

Our Platform Configurator lists all the platform/operating system/browser combinations that are currently available, and you can use it to to generate the code for the desired capabilities of your tests in your favorite languages.

Automated Testing with Sauce Labs

Get an overview of automated website testingAutomated Web App Testing on Desktop and Mobile Browsers
Learn the basics of Selenium scripting for automated website testsGetting Started with Selenium for Automated Website Testing
Learn the basics of Appium scripting for hybrid and native mobile app tests
Getting Started with Appium for Mobile Native Application Testing
Keep up-to-date on Appium updates and changes

Appium Usage by Version

Configure your existing Selenium and Appum scripts to run on Sauce LabsSauce Labs Demonstration Scripts
Learn how to run tests in parallelUsing Frameworks to Run Tests in Parallel
Check out examples of test scripts using test frameworks in our GitHub repo

Sauce Labs Sample Test Frameworks on GitHub

Learn how to integrate Sauce Labs with your CI/CD systemUsing Sauce Labs with Continuous Integration Platforms
Review our Best Practices for automated testingBest Practices for Running Tests
Use the Sauce Labs API to annotate tests and get lots of great dataThe Sauce Labs REST API
Learn how to troubleshoot automated testsTroubleshooting Automated Website Tests

Working with Sauce Support

Bookmark the Sauce Labs Status pageSauce Labs Status
Browse the topics in our Support PortalSauce Labs Support
Review our Support Policy to learn about our support levels and how to file a ticketSauce Labs Support Policy

Getting More Information

Bookmark our documentation for easy reference
The Sauce Labs Wiki
Subscribe to our RSS feed for product announcementsProduct Announcements and Release Notes Blog
Explore our webinars, white papers, data sheets, and other resources
Sauce Labs Resources
Follow the Sauce Labs blogSauce Labs Blog
Subscribe to the Sauce Labs Youtube ChannelSauce Labs on Youtube