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How does billing work? What do you charge per minute?

For every test you run, the actual test time will be slightly shorter than the overall job duration, or what is billed by Sauce. This is because after the test finishes, our test servers remain fully dedicated to your account as it processes the video and screenshots, and uploads all artifacts to your account page.

It's important to point out that this time is necessary only on our servers. If you are running multiple tests at once, they will be assigned to new machines so there shouldn't be any impact on the overall test suite execution time.

What OS and browser combinations do you support?

We support Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari on Windows, Linux and Mac. Check out our complete list of browser and operating system platforms for details.

Will my firewall block your service?

No. By using Sauce Connect, you can connect to our service securely without opening any ports in your firewall.

Sauce Connect creates a reliable, encrypted connection between your firewalled server and ours, and eliminates the need to whitelist IP addresses (since all requests come from the machine in which Sauce Connect is running).

Can I use Sauce if my tool is behind basic HTTP Auth?

For HTTP Authentication, we behave as Selenium does, leveraging the use of the RFC 1738 specification, which you enter within the url. So you just have to change the url in your tests to include the Auth info. Here's an example: You can also read more about this here. This should work with all our browsers, but if you find any obstacles with your site, please let us know.

Note: If you don't yet have any HTTP Auth setup and all you want to do is have Sauce test your internal app, we strongly recommend using Sauce Connect instead.

My automated tests run serially. Can I still use Sauce?

Yes. With Sauce, you'll benefit from our many browser configurations and features such as live video recording.

How do I run my automated tests in parallel?

Check out blog posts on Running Selenium tests in parallel, as well as the topics under Using Frameworks to Run Tests in Parallel

Can I use Sauce for load testing my app?

Sauce is meant to be used for browser-based functional testing (also sometimes called "acceptance testing" or "UI testing"). And even though parallelization inherently causes load, the features other load testing services provide are probably better for your needs. We're friends with and fans of Neustar (formally BrowserMob) and BlazeMeter.

How is Sauce different from Selenium Grid?

In a Selenium Grid, you set up multiple machines with the options for platform, operating system, and browser that you want to test against, so that you can execute tests in parallel and improve your overall testing efficiency. Sauce Labs provides you with a Selenium grid in which you can run as many tests in parallel as your account subscription allows, against the latest versions of operating systems and browsers, and previous versions as well. With Sauce Labs, you have an on-demand ability to test your web applications against whatever platform configuration you need, without the hassle of having to set up and maintain your own Selenium Grid. 

Can I reuse a session within multiple tests?

One of our main criteria for a mature set of tests is "test independence." If your tests are completely independent of each other, the complete test suite will be ready for scaling. And believe us, scaling is never too far off. Once you reach a certain amount of tests, the time needed to run them serially will exceed the practical limit and:

  1. Your team will stop running the tests as regularly as needed because it takes too long
  2. The tests will start eating more and more of the development time

This can also depend on the context. In case it's really needed, we suggest preventing the test framework on your side from calling the start() and stop() commands between tests.

Can I stay logged in to Sauce Labs?

If you are continuously running tests and want quick access to the Sauce Labs application without having to log in, you should select the Remember Me option on the login page. This will keep you logged in for 14 days before requiring that you log in again. If you don't select this option, then you will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you have multiple tabs open in the web interface, you must be active in at least one of them for the active session to renew. 

What are the password requirements for a Sauce Labs account?

Passwords must be 8 - 256 characters in length.

Passwords must include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character.

After five unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked for 15 minutes.

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