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Sauce Connect™ is a proxy server that opens a secure connection between a Sauce Labs virtual machine running your browser tests, and an application or website you want to test that's on your local machine or behind a corporate firewall. Sauce Connect is not required to run tests with Sauce Labs, but only in situations where the website or application you want to test is not publicly accessible. It is strongly recommended that you work with a network engineer to install Sauce Connect, as network architectures can be complex. Check out Setting Up Sauce Connect for descriptions of how Sauce Connect should be configured in example network architectures. 

In addition to providing a means for Sauce Labs to access your application or website, Sauce Connect has some other uses in your testing network architecture:

  • As an alternative to whitelisting
  • As a means of monitoring upstream traffic through a proxy like BrowserMob
  • As a way to stabilize network connections (for instance, detecting/re-sending dropped packets)

Download Sauce Connect

Stable Release

Download LinkSHA1 Checksum
Download Sauce Connect v4.4.0 for OS X 10.8+
Download Sauce Connect v4.4.0 for Windows 7+
Download Sauce Connect v4.4.0 for Linux
Download Sauce Connect v4.4.0 for Linux 32-bit

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