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Sauce Labs is in the process of unifying our virtual desktop and device testing experience with our real device testing platform. This will allow you to view all of your tests from a single UI, and eliminate the need to switch back and forth between two platforms. 

Users can expect to gradually see new real device testing features appear in Sauce Labs. Below, you will find a list of which features are already live in the Sauce UI, as well as which ones are coming soon.

As of July 29, all users must log into their account via Sauce Labs. Any customers using Sauce for real device testing can try out the unified experience right now. We also encourage all users with access to real devices only to begin migrating their tests from our legacy real device testing platform to the new unified platform in Sauce Labs. To learn more, please reference our migration guide.

Please note that access to the legacy real device testing platform is not going away. Instead, users can navigate from the Sauce Labs UI by clicking on “Legacy RDC” under the Sauce Apps menu.

Real Device Testing Features on Sauce Labs

FeatureAvailable in Legacy RDCAvailable in Sauce Labs
Automation - Public Devices (tick)(tick)
Automation - Private Devices(tick)(tick)
Virtual USB(tick)
Appium support(tick)(tick)
Sauce Connect Proxy(tick)(tick)
IPSec VPN(tick)(tick)
Extended Team Management
Live Testing(tick)(tick)
Image Injection
Debugging with iOS(tick)
Debugging with Android(tick)(tick)
Ability to take screenshot(tick)(tick)
Ability to install dependencies(tick)(tick)
Ability to upload file to device SD card(tick)
Ability to switch app versions(tick)(tick)
Sauce App Storage(tick)(tick)
Espresso Support(tick)
XCUITest Support(tick)
App Center Integration(tick)

Changes from Legacy RDC Platform

Some additional things to note about our new unified platform:

  • All features supported on all platforms with the exception of iOS 12 and newer
  • Apps are stored for 60 days
  • Real device testing on Sauce Labs does not have the concept of a “project.” To upload an app to storage, you simply use your ACCESS_KEY and USERNAME.

  • Users can update test job status via the Appium JS-executor. REST API support will be available soon.

  • Users on a Sauce enterprise account will be able to access test results across all data centers by switching between regions in their account. To accomplish this, simply click on the data center name in the top right corner of the Sauce UI, and select your desired region from the drop down. Sauce users on a self service account will have access to only one data center within the unified platform. To learn more about this, and other benefits of upgrading to an enterprise account, please visit our website.

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