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Why Real Devices?

According to industry experts like Gartner, you will get the most out of your testing automation if you include a healthy mix of emulators, simulators, and real devices as your mobile testing platforms. Why? Because there are aspects of the mobile experience that you can't test on an emulator or simulator, like location-based applications that use manufacture specific device sensors, memory consumption, and CPU usage. There are a variety of use cases to consider when you're deciding on the mix of emulators/simulators/real devices that you want to use in your testing.

When to Test on Real DevicesWhen to Test on Emulators/Simulators
  • Need breadth of device types for panel/compatibility testing

  • Need to replicate an issue to match exact model as reported

  • Need pixel perfect display testing

  • Need to test hardware dependencies like CPU, memory, display, GPS, etc.

  • Need to test native ARM Libraries

  • Need to test on a custom OS (for example, Samsung TouchWiz, OnePlus OxygenOS, etc.)

  • Need to test on a native frameworks like Espresso and Robotium
  • Need to test scenarios that require network connectivity (phone calls, send SMS messages, etc.)
  • Need massive concurrency

  • Want to reduce build times

  • Want to save costs

  • Need immediate availability

  • Require extremely low error rates for your test environment

The Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

The Sauce Labs real device cloud provides you with the ability to run either manual or automated tests across Android and iOS devices, in either a private or public cloud. Some of the features that are specific to our real device cloud include:

  • Manual testing on real devices
  • Private and public real device clouds
  • Support for Appium, Robotium and Espresso testing
  • Support on hundreds of device-OS combinations
  • IPSec VPN secure connections to private clouds
  • Devices cleaning process between sessions to ensure maximum privacy
  • Carrier Network Connectivity (devices with SIM cards)
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