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Information resources are publicly available data about Sauce Lab's service.

Get Sauce Labs Status

Cached: 30s

Get the current status of Sauce Labs services

GET /rest/v1/info/status

Get Supported Platforms

Cached: 5min

Get a list of objects describing all the OS and browser platforms currently supported on Sauce Labs. Choose the automation API you need, bearing in mind that WebDriver and Selenium RC are each compatible with a different set of platforms.

GET /rest/v1/info/platforms/AUTOMATION_API

Accepted Values for automation_api

  • all
  • appium
  • webdriver



Return Fields

  • short_version: Returns the version of a browser or device, similar to the version and platformVersion desired capabilities
  • long_name: Returns the name of a browser, similar to the browserName desired capability
  • api_name: Same as the long_name field
  • long_version: Same as the short_version field
  • device: Returns the name of a device, similar to the deviceName desired capability
  • os: Return an operating system, similar to the the platform and platformName desired capabilities
  • automation_backend: Returns the automation API that runs the platform behind the scenes, which are Selenium Webdriver or Appium
  • deprecated_backend_versions (for mobile tests): Return the versions of the Appium API that are no longer supported for mobile testing of a particular device
  • recommended_backend_version (for mobile tests): Return the versions of the Appium API that should be used when running mobile tests on a particular device


Get Appium EOL dates

Get a list of Appium end-of-life dates. Dates are displayed in Unix time.

GET /rest/v1/info/platforms/appium/eol