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The packages, scripts, and information in this page (and it's children) are either deprecated or managed by a third party

The Sauce Labs username that will be used to connect to the servers. If not provided, uses the value of the SAUCE_USERNAME environment variable.
The Sauce Labs secret key. Since this is a secret, this should not be checked into the source code and may be available as an environment variable. Grunt can access this using process.env.saucekey. Will also default to the SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY environment variable
urlsXAn array or URLs that will be loaded in the browsers, one after another. Since SauceConnect is used, these URLs can also be localhost URLs that are available using the server task from grunt.
The build number for this test.
The name of this test, displayed on the Sauce Labs dashboard.
An array of strings, to be added as tags to the test on Sauce Labs.
Defaults to true. Won't launch a Sauce Connect tunnel if set to false.
Array of optional arguments to be passed to the Sauce Connect tunnel. Check out Sauce Connect Command Line Reference for more information about what arguments you can use.
Map of extra parameters to be passed to Sauce Labs. Check out Test Configuration and Annotation for more information about the available parameters.
Number of milliseconds between each retry to see if a test is completed or not (default: 2000). 
Number of times to attempt to see if a test is completed or not (default: 90). Effectively, your tests have statusCheckAttempts * pollInterval seconds to complete (Thus, 180s by default). Set to -1 to try forever.
Maximum number of unit test pages which will be sent to Sauce Labs concurrently. Exceeding your Sauce Labs' allowed concurrency can lead to test failures if you have a lot of unit test pages.
Maximum duration of a test, this is actually a Selenium Capability. Sauce Labs defaults to 180 seconds for JavaScript unit tests. 
An array of objects representing the various browsers on which this test should run.
A callback that is called every time a unit test for a page is complete. Runs per page, per browser configuration. Receives two arguments (result, callback)result is the JavaScript object exposed to Sauce Labs as the results of the test. callback must be called, node-style (having arguments errresult where result is a true/false boolean which sets the test result reported to the command line). Check out Using the TestComplete Callback Grunt-Sauce Task Parameter for more information.
Specifies how many times the timed out tests should be retried (default: 0). 
The job visibility level. Defaults to team. Check out Sharing the Results of Sauce Labs Tests for more information.

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