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As part of the post-build activities, the Sauce plugin will parse the test result files in an attempt to associate test results with Sauce jobs. It does this by identifying lines in the stdout or stderr that have this format:
SauceOnDemandSessionID=<session id> job-name=<some job name>

The session id can be obtained from the RemoteWebDriver instance and the job-name can be any string, but is generally the name of the test class being executed.

To make sure that your test results and Sauce jobs are associated properly, you need to output the session id to stdout. For example, this is the code you would use to output the session id to the Java stdout. 

private void printSessionId() {

    String message = String.format("SauceOnDemandSessionID=%1$s job-name=%2$s",
    (((RemoteWebDriver) driver).getSessionId()).toString(), "some job name");