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Sauce Labs offers live testing for websites on mobile browsers on Android emulators and iOS Simulators. 

  1. In the Sauce Labs web interface, select Live Testing from the dashboard navigation.
  2. Enter the URL of the website you want to test. 
  3. Click the Android or Apple Icons to view the list of available emulators and simulators.
  4. Select the type of emulator or simulator to use in in your test, and click Start Session.

Using a Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnel

If you use Sauce Connect Proxy to connect to the Sauce Labs testing cloud, enter the Tunnel ID under Sauce Connect Proxy before you start your session.

Once your session launches, you can use your mouse cursor and keyboard to interact with the website under tests, and you will have access to all the session and interface controls that are part of the Android emulator or iOS Simulator. 





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