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You can test your mobile applications on a variety of real Android and iOS mobile devices with App Upload on Sauce Labs. 

  1. Log in to Sauce Labs and select Live Tests from the options in the left-hand navigation. 
  2. Select 'App Testing'
  3. At the top of the page you will see the name of the last app you tested. Click Change to select a different app.
  4. Select 'App Upload' to upload an app to test 

  5. You can either drag and drop an application or browse for file.
  6. Please note that the app needs to be an APK or IPA file
  7. If you are looking for old apps that you have previously uploaded or if you want to create a new real device project. Please click the link at the bottom of the page 'Looking for Old Repository'. This will re-direct you to the old App Management UI with all your previously uploaded apps.

Recent and Saved Configurations

If you have run previous mobile native application tests, you can select the configuration under the Recent tab. You can also create a configuration and save it for later use by clicking the star icon next to Save this Configuration. You can then access the configuration under the Saved tab.

Running Tests in Parallel

You can run multiple manual test sessions at the same time, with the number of tests limited by the concurrency allowance associated with your account. If you want to start additional sessions, click the + icon next to the tab containing the URL of your current test session. Follow the steps to set up the session, and then you can switch back and forth between the sessions by clicking on the URL tabs.

Using Multi-Touch in Live Real Device Tests

 You can perform multi-touch actions, such as pinch and zoom, in live real device tests:

  1. Hold down the ALT key (Windows) or the Option key (OS X).
  2. Hold down the left mouse key and move it in the direction you want to swipe.

If you are testing using a Windows machine, note that if you hold down ALT and click TAB, it will change the focus from the browser window to the File Explorer, and you will not be able to move the cursor in the live testing window. Press ALT again to change the focus back to the browser, and you will be able to move the live testing cursor.