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With the --devices option, you can configure Sauce Runner for Real Devices to run tests in parallel against multiple devices using both static and dynamic allocation. This topic provides examples of the various configuration options, including running a select set of tests against a specific device using the --testsToRun option. 

# Define a list of devices on which the tests should be executed.

# Device 1 example: minimal configuration. 
# Only specify a DC (either EU or US).
- datacenter: EU

# Device 2 example: Static Allocation.
- datacenter: US
  # Specify a device descriptor for static allocation f.ex. iPhone_8_real_us.
  device: iPhone_8_real_us

# Device 3 example: Dynamic Allocation.
- datacenter: US
  # Specify a device name or regex for dynamic allocation: 'iPhone 5', 'iPad.*', etc.
  deviceNameQuery: iPhone 5
  # Platform Version for a dynamic device query. f.ex '9' for all Devices 
  # with major version 9 and arbitrary minor versions or '9.3.3' for a more 
  # specific version.
  platformVersion: 11.4
  # Optional parameters, set to true to enable.
  # phoneOnly: false 
  # tabletOnly: false
  # privateDevicesOnly: false

# Device 4 example: Running subset of tests.
  # Data center to run tests in (either EU or US).
- datacenter: EU
  # Provide a list of test cases or test classes. If you want to run all tests 
  # of a class provide only the class name and if you want to run a specific 
  # method of a class provide the class name and method name. 
  - testClass: SampleTestCase
  - testClass: SampleTestCase2
    testMethod: testItWorks