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Basic Setup

The basic setup is the simplest, fastest way you can get started with running your Appium test. You don't need to worry about importing any libraries, just choose your favorite language and the device you want to test on, and let use do the rest! Note that these scripts won't report the pass/fail status of your tests to Sauce Labs.

Reporting Setup

The reporting setups will report the pass/fail status of your tests to Sauce Labs. Speak to your Sauce Labs account representative for assistance. 

Suites Setup

Appium Suites enables you to conveniently organize your Appium test results in suites with this advanced setup, where with the basic setup you get separate reports for each test case, here you will receive a combined report.

You can setup a suite using devices from either or both data centers.

NOTE: Suites are only supported with JUnit 4 on the platform. No other frameworks are not supported.

You will need to get the Suite ID from your testing project and enter it for testObjectSuiteId in the example script.

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Select the project where you want to create the suite. 
  3. Click Automated Testing, then select Appium
  4. Select Test Suites, then click +New Suite.
  5. Enter a Suite Title for the suite. 
  6. Select the devices you want to use in your tests.
  7. Click Save.
    When the suite is added to the list of suites, you'll see the suite ID in the ID column. 
 Suites Setup Test Script Links