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General Environment Variables

These variables are used by the Sauce OnDemand plugin for Jenkins and Bamboo. 

Overriding Environment Variables with Protractor

If you're using Protractor to run your tests with Jenkins, you will need to change the setting for disableEnvironmentOverrides in your config.ts file, otherwise the environment variables will be overridden by that file. Look for this section, and set the value to false.

* Turns off WebDriver's environment variables overrides to ignore any
* environment variable and to only use the configuration in this file.
* Defaults to `false`
disableEnvironmentOverrides: false;
SELENIUM_HOSTThe hostname of the Selenium server
SELENIUM_PORTThe port of the Selenium server
SELENIUM_PLATFORMThe operating system of the selected browser
SELENIUM_VERSIONThe version number of the selected browser
SELENIUM_BROWSERThe name of the selected browser
SELENIUM_DRIVERContains the operating system, version and browser name of the selected browser, in a format designed for use by the Selenium Client Factory
SELENIUM_URLThe initial URL to load when the test begins
SAUCE_USERNAMEThe user name used to invoke Sauce OnDemand
SAUCE_ACCESS_KEYThe access key for the user used to invoke Sauce OnDemand
SELENIUM_STARTING_URLThe value of the Starting URL field
SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERSA JSON-formatted string representing browsers you selected for the job configuration, as described Setting Desired Capabilities for Jenkins Projects

Jenkins Environment Variables

In addition, the Sauce Jenkins plugin also has a set of environment variables that are specific to Jenkins. 

TUNNEL_IDENTIFIERThe unique tunnel identifier used when the Create a new unique Sauce Connect tunnel per build option is selected
JENKINS_BUILD_NUMBERThe name of the build the Sauce OnDemand plugin will use when showing results that are not in the logs
SAUCE_BUILD_NAME The name of the build the Sauce OnDemand plugin will use when showing results that are not in the logs