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Sauce Labs stores the raw trace log for every capturing process that happens during the test (e.g. for every page load or jankiness check you run). The trace log contains information on everything that happened during the capturing process. You can inspect when JavaScript functions are being executed or when network requests are being made. There are two ways to inspect and look into the trace logs:

  • View the trace log in the Timeline Viewer app
  • Download the trace log and drag and drop it into your Chrome DevTools

Get Insights of your Page Load Performance

The job details page provides you access to the complete trace log as well as to the Lighthouse Diagnostic Report. Viewing the trace gets you detailed information about various events that happened during the page load. It can be the key approach to e.g. find out which JavaScript function has been blocking the main thread of the browser and caused the slow page load. The Lighthouse Diagnostic Report gives you actionable tasks that you can apply on your website to directly improve the performance of your app.

Drag and Drop into Your Chrome DevTools

Similar to the Timeline Viewer, the Chrome DevTools can also display the content of arbitrary trace logs. Just download the log from the job details page and drag and drop it into your DevTools application:

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