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These wiki topics provide information for the Sauce Labs data centers in the US and EU, including maintenance and status information, and endpoints for connection to services in both locations. 

IP Ranges and Data Center Endpoints
Sauce Labs has data centers in both the US and EU. You can access Sauce Labs services from either location by providing the appropriate URL endpoints, and whitelisting their associated IP ranges. 

 Click here to view US Data Center Endpoints

Virtual Device Cloud

Real Devices:

Sauce Connect Proxy (do not need to specify, Sauce Connect Proxy will use this by default)



IP Ranges: (this is equivalent to the range – (this is equivalent to the range -

 Click here to view EU Data Center endpoints

For more information, including framework configuration for the European data center, check out Sauce Labs European Data Center Configuration Information.

Virtual Device Cloud

Real Devices:

Sauce Connect Proxy (specify with -x argument)



IP Range: (this is equivalent to the range -

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