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Jenkins matrix projects, also know as multi-configuration projects, allow you to run the same build with different input parameters. The Sauce plugin for Jenkins provides an additional option for multi-configuration projects to specify the browser combination for each build.

  1. When setting up your job in Jenkins, select Multi-Configuration Project, and then click OK
  2. under Configuration Matrix, click Add Axis
  3. Select the type of test you want to run with Sauce, for example Sauce OnDemand WebDriver tests
    The option you select will determine the list of operating systems and browsers you can choose in the next step. 
  4. Select the operating systems and browser combinations that you want to test against. 
    A separate job will run for each OS and browser combination that you select. The environment variables for SELENIUM_PLATFORM, SELENIUM_VERSION, SELENIUM_BROWSER, and SELENIUM_DRIVER will be populated for each job with your selections.