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The CLI tool has quite a few configurations and provides a high degree of customization to meet your performance testing needs. You can get a complete list of options and parameters by calling "speedo --help", "speedo run --help" or "speedo analyze --help". For more information see also our Speedo docs.

Enterprise Plans Only

This feature is available for Enterprise plans only. For more information about other benefits that are included with Enterprise plans, check out our Pricing page.

Chrome Only

This feature is available only for testing web applications with the Google Chrome browser.

See the following sections for more information:

Metric Configurations 

Speedo allows users to specify one or multiple metrics that will be used to validate the performance of the URLs. Here is the example below of how 3 metrics can be validated at once. 

$ speedo run -m speedIndex -m timeToFirstInteractive -m firstPaint      

Supported Metrics

  • timeToFirstByte
  • firstPaint
  • firstContentfulPaint
  • firstMeaningfulPaint
  • domContentLoaded
  • timeToFirstInteractive
  • load
  • speedIndex
  • perceptualSpeedIndex
  • pageWeight
  • pageWeightEncoded

Network Conditions Configurations




Regular 2G

Regular 2G 300ms31.25 KB/s 6.25 KB/s

Regular 3G

Regular 3G100ms93.75 KB/s31.25 KB/s

Good 2G

Good 2G150ms56.25 KB/s,18.75 KB/s

Good 3G

Good 3G 40ms192.00 KB/s93.75 KB/s

Regular 4G (Speedo Default)

Regular 4G20ms512.00 KB/s384.00 KB/s


DSL5ms256.00 KB/s128.00 KB/s
WiFi Wifi2ms3.75 MB/s1.88 MB/s
Online (No throttling)onlineN/AN/AN/A


$ speedo run --throttleNetwork online

Instead of setting a pre-defined profile you can also set custom download, upload and latency (in kb/s):

$ speedo run --throttleNetwork "1000,500,40"

CPU Throttling Configurations



  • 1 - No throtelling
  • 2 - 2x CPU throtelling
  • 3 - 3x CPU throtelling
  • 4 - 4x CPU throtelling (default)
    • Emulates mobile performance


$ speedo run --throttleCpu 2
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