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Chrome Only

This feature is available only for testing web applications with the Google Chrome browser.

Enterprise Plans Only

This feature is available for Enterprise plans only. For more information about other benefits that are included with Enterprise plans, check out our Pricing page.

1) Try to create a new series of tests that are dedicated to front end performance regressions vs reusing the existing ones

  • Front end performance testing and functional testing are a separate part of the testing process concerns and should not be mixed. Otherwise, if the test fails it might be harder to find the root cause. 
  • Consider setting a separate step in your CI pipeline for the front end performance tests. 

2) Specify at least one metric (e.g. ‘load’) vs leaving the field blank otherwise the system will validate against all available metrics

3) If you are testing an application built on top modern JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) be aware that we might be able to capture performance for URL navigations since in many cases these frameworks will change the URL without reloading the page.

  • If you want to capture performance for a particular state of your SPA simply call browser navigation command one more time (e.g. browser.url(''))  

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