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Sauce Labs offers automated testing of web applications on mobile browsers for iOS and Android on a wide variety of real devices, which are available from both public and private pools. Topics in this section will provide you with an overview of the real device cloud testing features, options, and security. 

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Choosing Public or Private Devices

Enterprise Plans Only

This feature is available for Enterprise plans only. For more information about other benefits that are included with Enterprise plans, check out our Pricing page.

Sauce Labs offers access to both public and private device clouds. Which option you should choose depends on your testing needs. 

Choose Public Cloud if . . .Choose Private Cloud if . . .
  • The devices available on the public cloud are sufficient for your testing coverage

  • You need to reproduce bugs on a selection of hundreds of iOS and Android devices

  • You need to upload and spot check apps on devices you don’t have access to

  • You need to share manual test sessions and devices across teams worldwide

  • You are looking for a low-cost real device testing option

  • You need a very specific set of devices that aren't supported on the public cloud
  • Your security team insists on dedicated devices
  • You require a secure tunnel between your tests and our cloud to test
  • You want to run automated/parallel tests across multiple devices
  • You need specific settings which are set on the devices all the time

Real Devices and Security

Sauce Labs provides security for real device testing at three levels:

Network Connection

Connections to the private real device cloud are made over IPsec VPN, the industry standard in network security, which includes AES 256 encryption and multiple setup options with forward proxies.


We use a proprietary process that wipes every device clean at the end of the testing session. Steps in this process include:

  • User accounts and data are cleared from the device
  • History and user data is cleared from the browser
  • Network settings are reset
  • Device settings are reset
  • The app is uninstalled, and any cached data is deleted

While we take these actions after each test session on a public device, users of the public RDC should be aware that Sauce Labs does not factory reset devices in the public RDC between test sessions and these devices do not have anti-virus software installed on them.  It is possible that other users of the public RDC may engage in malicious, careless or unsecure activity, and that sophisticated, persistent malware could therefore be present on any device in the public RDC.

Data Center

  • WiFi APs are password protected with WPA2 security protocol, so only our devices can connect to the subnet
  • Devices must have proper proxy information in order to have network connectivity
  • Real devices are kept in our data center, behind locked racks and doors
  • Access management is handled by Sauce employees, and only specific individuals are allowed access to our devices, with logs that track all access attempts

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