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If you are an organization administrator, you can add users to your organization or team by inviting them via email, or by adding them directly to the organization or team.

Please note: This feature is NOT enabled when SSO and "Require SSO" are enabled. In this scenario, SauceLabs anticipates that all human users are managed via the customers' Idp, and therefore there should not be a way to add them to the team outside of the customers Idp. 

Adding Users (Manually or by Email)

  1. In your user profile menu, select Team Management.
  2. On the Team Management page, select the Users tab. 
  3. Click Invite above the list of users. 
  4. Click Add User.
  5. If you want to invite a user by email and allow them to set their own username and password, enter their email address and click Invite.
    You can enter multiple email addresses.  

  6. If you want to manually add a user, enter an optional First Name and Last Name, then enter a Username and Password

  7. Under Add to Team, select the team for the user. 

  8. If you don't select a team, the user will be added to the default team.  

  9. Select an Organizational Role for the user. 
    Check out User Roles - Extended Team Management for more information about the permissions associated with each role.  
  10. Click Add User.

SSO Considerations

Users who have been authorized by the organization Idp are able to log into their organizations' SauceLabs account.

SauceLabs will match the user to an existing user by username and/or email.

If a user does not exist (no match found), a new user will be created on the fly ("Just in Time").

Please read more here: Setting Up Single Sign-On and Setting Up Single Sign-On#On-AdvancedSetupOptions.