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Sauce Labs is pleased to announce the release of Sauce Connect Proxy version 4.6.3.

This release includes these changes. Use the download links to get that latest and previous versions.

Version NumberChange DescriptionRelease Date



  • Always store SC client configuration in DB - SC client may be configured via command line arguments, config file or any combination of both. Configuration will be stored in DB regardless of the origin to enable better support and debugging 
  • SC client check for server messages during the client start up sequence - info messages will include newly released versions info, deprecation warnings, client platform support information. This feature would allow SC team to communicate updates directly SC client users

  • Improve SC client start up log - show explicit messages about SC client failure to connect to SC server at tunnel start up time
  • Support basic authentication for multiple proxies in a PAC file - allow multiple upstream proxies to be configured in PAC file. Use --pac-auth <username:password@host:portcommand line option. The option can be used multiple times for each authenticated host in the PAC file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Upgrade deprecated OpenSSL flags - use openSSL library functions to control TLS protocol versions used by connection between KGP client and server
  • Start using --cainfo and --capath command line options at tunnel start up  - these options were only used by Doctor; added code to use them at regular tunnel start up so that customers who have their certificates in non-default system locations no longer need to use workaround of using --no-http-cert-verify for SC to work. Customers using MITM no longer need to set their proxy not to bump ssl for connections to SauceLabs REST
  • Remove Doctor attempts to resolve non-existent maki hosts -  attempts to run domain name resolution check for hard-coded defunct maki hosts created confusing errors; removed these checks 

Known Issue:

  • When attempting to run two or more instances of SC client on the same host (in high availability mode) second and subsequent instances will fail to start with error due to conflicting SC metrics port assignment. Use SC client with --metrics-address :0 command line option to work around the problem.

Internal tooling and improvements:

  • Moved sauceproxy-rest library to gitlab (while keep mirroring it to github for backward compatibility)
  • Changed sauceproxy-rest library status from open-source to private in order to avoid exposing internal API that is subject to change
  • Added logging of what certificate is returned from REST connection, useful for identifying proxy or firewall that does https inspection
  • Added logging when loading certificates from keychain on OS X
  • Added dev flags to debug SC over SSL+SNI connection without DNS resolution of KGP servername

Dec 10 2020

Latest Version: 4.6.3

Sauce Connect Proxy Download Link

SHA1 Checksum

Download Sauce Connect v4.6.3 for Mac OS 10.8+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.3 for Windows 7+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.3 for Linux
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.3 for Linux 32-bit