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We’re proud to announce the next phase of our improved UX for Real Device Testing on Sauce Labs! This release focuses on improving the live testing and application storage experience. These features will be available on Wednesday, July 29th 2020. Below are some changes you should expect to see:

What’s Changing:

Users will now be able to access the following from their Sauce Labs account:

Why This Matters:

  • You can now upload, download, and delete application files for use with Real Devices or Emulators and Simulators for automated or live testing.

  • You can now delete a single file or a group of files to keep applications up to date.

  • You can now group apps by id, build, or OS, making app management more precise.

  • Applications stay in storage for 60 days, as opposed to 7 days in the old storage.

  • There is a new indicator which will inform when an application is about to expire.

  • You can now change the application settings for an application in order to enable features such as facial recognition, touch ID, and image injection.

To learn more about the other features that are available in our unified platform experience, please reference our previous blog post on phase 1 improvements. You can also stay up to date on which features are available across both platforms with this helpful preview. In the upcoming weeks we plan to roll out more features as they are vetted and tested, so stay tuned for more product announcements regarding the new Real Device Testing experience.

For those of you migrating from our Legacy TestObject platform, or using testing with Emulators and Simulators and want to try the new Application Storage, there is a helpful guide to get you started: Legacy Device Platform Migration Guide.

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