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Our team is delighted to announce an update to our platform making it easier to switch between our Virtual Cloud data centers (“US West” and “EU Central”) and Headless:

  • When you log into your Sauce Labs account, you no longer have to select which data center you would like to access. You will automatically be connected to the data center you used in your previous session.

  • To switch between the US West, EU Central and Headless data centers, simply click the drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Sauce Labs dashboard, and select the appropriate data center. You will not be logged out. 

  • This feature is available for all of our customers with access to Sauce Headless, including those using the SSO and Restricted Domain features.

This change is not applicable for the following users:

Screener users: Please continue to login at

Happy Testing,

Aneta Pietruszka

Product Manager

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