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To maximize your testing efficiency, our team works tirelessly to make sure App Center integration is ready for you to use. HockeyApp integration will no longer be available. Our newest API Integration for App Center allows you to view your latest app build distributed via App Center. After you complete a quick set up with Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud you can start testing your latest build from App Center. 

Getting Started

Get API token from App Center

To start the integration with Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud, you need to get API token from App Center. 

Follow these steps to generate the API token:

  1. Sign in to your App Center account 

  2. Go to account settings and API Tokens 

  3. Select ‘New API Token’ and Name it

  4. Generate and copy the token 

Sync your apps to Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud 

Follow these steps to sync your apps in Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud

  1. Log into

  2. Create a new project/’App’

  3. Select ‘Auto-Update’

  4. Enter the API Token from App Center

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