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We're excited to offer a new version of test details page to all our customers!

This page offers improved responsiveness, being based on the latest technology.

In addition, a couple new features were added:

  • Flexible layout: Ability to resize the various panels

  • Clear command text: we're working the commands clearer. 

    • For example, the command itself would show as "Find Element", or "Load URL"

    • The object locator would show by name, where possible

    • The HTML response was added to the command details

  • Commands highlight in sync with video playback

  • Keyboard support for command navigation

    • Enable keyboard function to move to the next/previous command

    • Pause/play the video using space bar

Just in case you weren't aware, there's support for a couple features that already existed:
  • Change test visibility

  • Delete a test

  • Show HAR file

  • Search commands

  • Ability to share test URL, and share a URL to a specific command

  • Report issues (to Sauce)

  • See the number of commands in the execution

  • Filter the commands to include only the ones that have screenshots

  • Showing a nice panel for performance and network logs

Over the coming month, note the button on the top-right "Switch to OLD UI", which will lead you to the previous version of this page. If you do switch back, we will probably contact you to ask some questions (wink). If everything goes well, this button will go away in about a month.
Happy Testing!

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