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Sauce Labs is pleased to announce the release of Sauce Connect Proxy 4.5.1.

This release includes these changes. Use the download links to get that latest and previous versions.

Version NumberChange DescriptionRelease Date



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue on Mac OS X where Sauce Connect throws a fatal error and terminates. This issue happens when WiFi is temporarily turned off or when the system wakes up from sleep or when internet connectivity is temporarily lost. The fatal error looks like below
    "fatal: morestack on g0"
  • Fixed an issue so that Sauce Connect terminates on startup if pid file location (--pidfile) is inaccessible.
  • Fixed file descriptor leak.

Aug 23 2018

Sauce Connect Proxy Download Link

SHA1 Checksum

Download Sauce Connect v4.5.1 for Mac OS 10.8+
Download Sauce Connect v4.5.1 for Windows 7+
Download Sauce Connect v4.5.1 for Linux
Download Sauce Connect v4.5.1 for Linux 32-bit