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Sauce Labs is pleased to announce the release of Sauce Connect Proxy 4.5.0.

This release includes the below changes. Use the download links to get that latest and previous versions.

Version NumberChange DescriptionRelease Date



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug in connection state logic that caused clients to exit prematurely.

New Features

  • Support for YAML config file through -c, --config-file arguments. Refer to Sauce Connect Proxy Command-Line Quick Reference Guide for more information.
  • Support for proxy credentials in http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables on Mac and Linux platforms. Format should be scheme://user:password@host:port
  • Updated timestamp format in Sauce Connect log files to a more user friendly format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.sss".
  • Print a warning about performance impact while running Sauce Connect in very verbose mode.
  • Scrub access key from very verbose Sauce Connect logs.

Aug 03 2018

Latest Version: 4.6.2

Sauce Connect Proxy Download Link

SHA1 Checksum

Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Mac OS 10.8+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Windows 7+
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Linux
Download Sauce Connect v4.6.2 for Linux 32-bit