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We are happy to announce Sauce Connect support for the Public Real Device Cloud (RDC).
Enterprise customers can use their running RDC Sauce Connect tunnels for Live and Automated Testing on public devices in addition to the already supported private devices.

 Enabling Sauce Connect Proxy Access to Public Cloud Devices:

  1. Log into TestObject.
  2. Go to the Account Settings page and select Sauce Connect tab.
  3. Review the Sauce Connect for Public Cloud Risk Advisory and if approved select Allow Sauce Connect for Public Cloud



  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to enable your team with access to Sauce Connect for RDC.
  2. Only account owners or administrators can enable public cloud access for their user and team members, individual users cannot enable access for themselves. If you need to access public cloud devices with Sauce Connect Proxy, contact your Sauce Labs account administrator.
  3. Sauce Connect for for RDC Self-Service accounts is not supported.

Learn more on Sauce Connect for Public Cloud.

Happy testing.

Asaf Saar
Director of Product Management