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We are happy to announce the latest updates to TestObject RDC.

Appium 1.6.5 Support

Appium version 1.6.5 is now available and is set as the default Appium version for testing through on our TestObject Real Device Cloud.
This version provides many enhancements and fixes to existing functionality, which you can review in the 
release notes. Some key updates include

  • Full support of W3C specification's handling of capabilities

  • Support latest Android SDK directory structure

  • Speed up taking screenshots on Android 5.0 and higher devices.

  • Allow setting url in native context, for opening deep links in iOS

Appium Capabilities

We have extended our Appium capabilities on TestObject to fully comply with standard Appium device allocation using the deviceName capability. In addition, a new capability privateDevicesOnly was introduced.

set deviceName

Set the capability deviceName to dynamically allocate a device using its device name (aka Display Name), such as "iPhone 6", "LG G6", "Samsung Galaxy S7". This option gives you access to a large selection of free devices that share the same device name to use in your testing

device name will be the same as the as appear in TestObject device selection menu. For example the deviceName for the free iPhone 5 device would be "iPhone 5 Free" and for the Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7 will be "Samsung Galaxy S7".

set privateDevicesOnly

User with access to both private and public devices can request allocation of private devices only. Set the capability privateDevicesOnly to true to ensure dynamic allocation will only allocate a device from the private pool to your test.

Learn more on RDC Appium capabilities here.