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Hi Sauce users,

We have made a few changes to our platform that affect the default browser and OS provided if no platform is specified in a test. Now if a user does not specify a platform, by default Sauce Labs will automatically select some of the most popular platforms based on Sauce Labs usage trends and market share. However, the best practice is to always specify a platform version and browser version in your desired caps In order to ensure that your tests can continue to run successfully.


Here are a few examples of desired caps to use  -

DesiredCapabilities caps = DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
caps.setCapability("platform", "Windows 10");
caps.setCapability("version", "53.0");


DesiredCapabilities caps =;
caps.setCapability("platform", "Windows 8.1");
caps.setCapability("version", "59.0");


In addition, users who are interested in jumping on the latest browsers as soon as they are released should utilize "version":"latest" in their desired capabilities (more information on this feature can be found on our blog.

Some of the recent browser versions require using Selenium 3.x. So please ensure that your tests can run on the corresponding Selenium version supported by a browser update. .


Thanks and happy testing!

The Sauce Labs Team.