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Dear Sauce User,

As you may have already been aware, Sauce Labs has recently launched our new Public and Private Real Device Cloud (RDC) products, which come with all new features such as manual testing, native test frameworks, and reliability improvements. We have therefore chosen to move our legacy Real Device Cloud (RDC) product into maintenance mode, meaning we will not be adding new features, devices, or OS versions. 

Just to clarify, we have not yet set a date to shut down the old RDC product. The purpose of this notification is to help start a conversation around migration strategies and timelines for your account. If your account executive hasn't reached out to you yet on migrating your testing to either the new Public and Private RDC products, or our recently upgraded Emulator and Simulator products, this would be a great time to reach out. 

Our mutual goal is to help your team test successfully across all of your test cases and requirements. Sauce Labs is dedicated to ensuring that we are constantly improving our service to help you to reach that goal, and this product migration is a part of our strategy towards investing deeper into the mobile space. 

As always, please feel free to reach out with feedback and comments to either your account executive or

Chiarng Lin
Product Manager, Virtual Platforms