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Dear Sauce User,

With our most recent updates, we are now offering Selenium 3 support across Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 10 and higher), Microsoft Edge, and Safari (only on macOS Sierra) browsers. Users can use the desired capability `seleniumVersion`: '3.3.1' to get the latest version of Selenium 3 support (reference).

Selenium 3 provides many benefits to your testing, including:

  • WebDriver users will just find bug fixes and a drop-in replacement for 2.x.
  • Selenium Grid users will also find bug fixes and a simple update.
  • The WebDriver APIs are now the only APIs actively supported by the Selenium project.
  • The Selenium RC APIs have been moved to a “legacy” package.
  • The original code powering Selenium RC has been replaced with something backed by WebDriver, which is also contained in the "legacy" package.
  • By a quirk of timing, Mozilla have made changes to Firefox that means that from Firefox 48 you must use their geckodriver to use that browser, regardless of whether you're using Selenium 2 or 3.

For more details, please check out this blog post or the Selenium open source project release notes.


Chiarng Lin

Product Manager, Virtual Platforms