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Dear Sauce User,

We're happy to announce that Sauce Labs is supporting the long-awaited Android 6.0 and 7.0 on our Android Emulator product.

Some quick notes on getting started with testing: 

  • Android 6.0 and 7.0 emulators both come with Chrome support! (Android 6.0 still has the stock browser support, as well). You can get this by changing your desired capability to `browserName`: `Chrome` instead of the usual `browserName`: `Browser`. 
  • Android 7.0 only comes on the GoogleAPI flavor, so make sure that you have your desired capability set to `deviceName`: `Android GoogleAPI Emulator`. 
  • Android 7.0 doesn't come on manual (because we don't offer the GoogleAPI versions of our emulators on manual). We will work on updating this. 
  • Android 7.0 might not show up on the Platform Configurator yet, so use the desired capabilities from below. We are working on updating this. 
  • 'Chrome' as a browser for Android Emulators isn't available on Platform Configurator yet. We are working on updating this. 

Here's some quick examples for a full set of desired capabilities: 

Web test on Android 6.0 on Chrome: 

deviceName: 'Android Emulator',
platformName: 'Android',
platformVersion: '6.0',
browserName: 'Chrome',
appiumVersion: '1.6.3'

Mobile app test on Android 7.0: 

deviceName: 'Android GoogleAPI Emulator',
platformName: 'Android',
platformVersion: '7.0',
browserName: '',
appiumVersion: '1.6.3'

We will be working on supporting Android 7.1 over the next few weeks. For a list of the available combinations, please check out our Platform Configurator. You may also be interested in the AVD specifications. Lastly, for a list of what we are planning to work on in the future, you can check out our Supported Devices page.


Chiarng Lin

Product Manager, Virtual Platforms


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