Front-end performance testing is a set of tools and practices to help our customers:
• Meet users’ expectations for consistent interactions beyond functional flow
• Deliver compelling and rich experiences on mobile devices and browsers
• Get early awareness of performance degradation to allow developers to respond more quickly to issues

To read more, please see our white paper: Front End Performance Testing Best Practices.

Why Use Sauce Performance?

Sauce Labs offers a front end performance testing tool that you can use to achieve exactly that. This tool is pre-integrated into the Sauce portfolio and is commonly incorporated into existing CI/CD workflows.

The following describe the additional value Sauce Performance Product offers above and beyond other tools available.

See the following sections for more information:

Initial Setup

The Sauce Performance product requires licensing. Please contact your Sauce representative to try this functionality.


Sauce Performance currently supports Chrome desktop browsers, latest 5 versions on Windows and MacOS. Support for other browsers and mobile devices is on our roadmap. Please visit our Saucelabs ideas portal to request further support for this product.

Test Execution Time

When you run a performance test you will realize that tests run slightly slower than functional tests. Similar to other performance tools, Sauce has to record the browser activities throughout the whole page load to ensure that metrics like timeToInteractive are captured reliably and accurately. Please see the Front End Performance Testing Best Practices to ensure your performance test suite runs separately and does not block your functional testing.

Testing Options

You have the following options for using Sauce Performance:

More Information

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