SettingDescriptionKeyValue TypeExample
Appium VersionThe version of Appium that you want to run your tests with.appiumVersionstring

"appiumVersion": "1.5.3"

If you don’t select an Appium Version for your test in the Platform Configurator, this capability will automatically default to the latest version of Appium that is compatible with your selected OS. If you prefer to use a different version of Appium for your test, enter the version number you want as the value for the appiumVersion capability. You can find the release notes for each Appium version at the Appium GitHub repository. In order for you to have a window of time to check the compatibility of your test suites with the latest Appium version, it won't be set as the default version on Sauce until one week after the version release.  

Browser Name

The mobile web browser that will be automated in the simulator, emulator or device.browserNamestring

"browserName": "Safari"

If you're running a test on an Android emulator, you'll need to specify "Browser" (the Android stock browser for older Android versions) and "Chrome" (for newer Android versions).

For iOS simulators, you'll need to specify "Safari".

If you're testing a mobile native or hybrid app, the value for this capability should be an empty string.

Device Name

The name of the simulator, emulator, or device you want to use in the test.deviceNamestring

"deviceName": "Google Nexus 7 HD Emulator"

For an Android emulator test you can request a generic Android emulator by using the option "deviceName":"Android Emulator". If you want to use an Android emulator that looks and feels like a specific Android phone or tablet, for example a Google Nexus 7 HD Emulator or a Samsung Galaxy S4, then instead of "deviceName":"Android Emulator", you need to specify the exact Android emulator skin to use, for example "deviceName":"Samsung Galaxy S4 Emulator".

Each Android emulator skin will have a different configuration depending on the phone or tablet that it emulates. For example, all the skins have different resolutions, screen dimensions, pixel densities, memory, etc. You can use the Platform Configurator to get a list of the available Android emulator skins for the various Android emulator versions.

Platform Version

The mobile operating system version that you want to use in your test. platformVersionstring"platformVersion": "9.1"

Platform Name

The mobile operating system platform you want to use in your test.platformNamestring"platformName": "iOS"

Application Path

The path to a .ipa, .apk or .zip file containing the app to test. This could be the location of your app in Sauce App Storage (e.g., or the URL to a remote location where your app is located (e.g.,

"app": ""

This capability is required only for testing mobile native or web applications.