This tutorial will show you how to get started with testing with Python on Sauce. 


Code Example

The implicitly wait method tells the browser to wait a set amount of time (in seconds) for elements to appear on the page before giving up. Without it, slow loading DOMs could cause our tests to fail when they might otherwise pass. Using implicit waits is one of our recommended best practices.

Analyzing the Code

If you look at the code closely, you'll see that basics for setting up a test to run on sauce are very straightforward, and really only require two elements.

Running the Example Code

  1. Copy the example code and save it into a file called
    Make sure your username and access key are included in the URL passed through to the command_executor.
  2. Open terminal and navigate to the directory where the file is located.
  3. Execute the test:


Check your dashboard and you will see that your test has just run on Sauce!

Running Tests Against Local Applications

If your test application is not publicly available, you will need to use Sauce Connect so that Sauce can reach it. 

Sauce Connect is a tunneling app that allows you to execute tests securely when testing behind firewalls or on localhost. For more detailed information, please visit see the Sauce Connect docs

Reporting to the Sauce Labs Dashboard

Running Tests in Parallel

See the topics under Running Tests in Parallel with Python for more information and examples of setting up popular Python testing frameworks to run tests in parallel on Sauce