You can clone this script from the saucelabs-training repository on GitHub:

There are examples using both pytest and unittest frameworks, change directories to the relevant module before running your tests:

Testing with a Proxy

If you're trying to run this script from behind a VPN or a corporate proxy, you must use either IPSec or Sauce Connect Proxy. Once you've downloaded and installed the relevant software, add the following capability to the test script:

'tunnelIdentifier': '<tunnel_id>',

Running the Test

  1. Navigate to the root project directory and use pip to install the latest Selenium library for use in the script:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Set your Sauce Labs Credentials as envrionment variables, indicated by the following lines in the script:

  3. Depending on which framework you're using, your commands may be different to run the tests. Use any of the following command based on the chosen framework:


    pytest on-boarding-modules/pytest-examples/


     python -m unittest on-boarding-modules/unittest-examples/